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Thunderbirds 2x Colour LP
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Following releases of the UFO and Supercar soundtracks, Thunderbirds is the third in the series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s iconic TV shows. It is newly compiled, mastered and designed by the creative team at Fanderson (The Official Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Appreciation Society), who have access to Barry Gray’s original studio tapes. The album features 37 tracks from 19 episodes (series 1 and 2), including the Thunderbirds main theme and closing titles. The tracks were not programmed to follow the episode order but to achieve an integrated listening experience. The best bits of the sixties’ soundscapes are here. The Thunderbirds soundtrack is an effective time capsule as Gray’s music veers into British spy genre, Latin pop, exotica, urban jazz and military marches. Beautifully composed and conducted, the score reflects the moods of the scenes, from dangerous to romantic and no-nonsense to silly. Barry Gray was a classically trained composer and a versatile musician, and was amongst the first composers to use electronic instruments in music for television. Best known for creating the music for most of the Gerry & Sylvia Anderson television series in the 1960’s and 70’s (Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, UFO, Space:1999), Barry Gray’s complete musical opus is still not commercially available in its entirety. DLP on Sky Blue Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve Original TV Soundtrack by Barry Gray Track Listing – Thunderbirds Main Titles The Hood and London Airport - Trapped in the Sky Tracy Island and Thunderbirds Are Go! Fireflash Landing - Trapped in the Sky Tracy Lounge Piano - Trapped in the Sky Penny in Paris - The Perils of Penelope International Rescue to the Rescue - The Perils of Penelope Monorail Drama - The Perils of Penelope Espionage on the French Riviera - The Man from MI5 Sidewinder - Pit of Peril The Pit - Pit of Peril Recovery - Pit of Peril A Night in Spoke City - 30 Minutes After Noon Expedition - Desperate Intruder The Hood vs International Rescue - Desperate Intruder Evil Plan - Edge of Impact Tower of Terror - Edge of Impact Avalanche - End of the Road Eddie on Tracy Island - End of the Road The Rescue - End of the Road Christmas with the Tracy Family - Give or Take a Million San Miguel Bridge - Move and You're Dead Finding the Fireflash- Operation Crash Dive KLA Collision - Ricochet The Launch - Sun Probe Heading for the Sun - Sun Probe The Cass Carnaby Set - The Cham-Cham Dangerous Game - The Cham-Cham Jeremiah - The Impostors The Pyramid of Khamandides - The Uninvited The Vault - Vault of Death Light-Fingered Fred - Vault of Death San Martino - Path of Destruction World Exclusive Foiled - Terror in New York City Ned Cook in Trouble - Terror in New York City Thunderbird 4 - Terror in New York City Thunderbirds End Titles

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bambinoLÜK. Kinderzirkus mit Tina und Tim
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 Lustige Clowns, wilde Tiere, Trapezkünstler, Zaubertricks ... Die Kinder müssen genau beobachten, vergleichen und zuordnen können, wenn sie die Übungen fehlerfrei lösen wollen. Durch diese aufmerksame Mitarbeit wird ihre allgemeine Konzentrationsfähigkeit nachhaltig gestärkt und weiterentwickelt. Geeignet für: Kinder zwischen vier und sechs Jahren. Inhalt 1 Die Vorstellung beginnt - Suche das gleiche Puzzleteil! 2 Tina wird zum Clown-Mädchen - Finde das Spiegelbild! 3 Schwierige Balance-Akte - Worauf balancieren die Kinder? Benenne die Geräte. 4 Die Kinderpyramide - Wie wird die Pyramide gebaut? 5 Pantomimen mit Instrumenten - Welches Instrument spielen die Kinder? 6 Pferde in der Arena - Wer reitet welches Holzpferd? 7 Artisten und Jongleure - Wo sind die passenden Bildteile? 8 Schwierige Jonglagen - Womit jonglieren die Kinder? Benenne die Dinge. 9 Die Tiere sind los! - Welche Tiere stellen die Kinder dar? 10 Geturnte Buchstaben - Suche das passende Schattenbild! 11 Die Vorstellung ist zu Ende - Suche das gedrehte Puzzleteil!   Zur Bearbeitung dieses Übungsheftes benötigen Sie das bambinoLÜK-Kontrollgerät.

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